R5 Roller Garage Door Opener

R5 Roller Garage Door Opener

 Buy The all new, whisper-quiet, intelligent R5 garage door opener for roller garage doors up to 18sqm.

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What makes our Roller R5 Garageace garage door opener the preferable choice?

Door Locking in the event of power failure: If power failure occurs while the door is opening, the door can be released by pulling the clutch down, then moving the door to the closing position manually, then the door can be locked. By pressing the closing button on the remote when power comes again, the door can be opened while the clutch moves to closing position. After this, normal operation is resumed.

Rolling code: integrated circuit with specialized rolling code. No same code, high security, which can be equipped with 20 transmitters;

Electronic travel memory: limited journey will be kept in its mind automatically by microcomputer. You don’t need to adjust it again even after a power failure.

Soft start & stop can lessen the impact to the door, and prolong the service life of it, this also decreases the operation noise substantially.

Resistance protection: the opener will check and set the force of the running resistant protection which can ensure the opener has high sensitivity and adapt the running resistance fluctuation automatically even the door is under service for a long time, manual adjustment is unnecessary.

Photo cell protector can be connected with the opener to ensure more protection. There are three modes for option: forbidden, available or only available when closing.

Auto closing: If you have forgotten to close the door, it can be set to close automatically after a set time. The time can be set for 1 to 9 minutes. This function is optional.

The all new, whisper-quiet, intelligent R5 garage door opener for roller garage doors up to 18sqm.

Ideal for all single and double roller doors up to 18sqm

Popular for rural sheds and workshops

Maximum door height 4.5m

Whisper-quiet operation

LED courtesy light

Easy 6-step DIY installation

Low power consumption

Manual override in case of power failure

Rolling code remotes for increased security

Electronic limit switches

5 year warranty

2 x heavy duty key ring remotes included

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